Nashik is in the northern region of the Indian State of Maharashtra. I have always heard Nashik to be associated as the ancient holy city-be it for all its stories related to Lord Rama, Lord Shiva or Shri Shirdi Saibaba. I however wanted to explore a different side of Nashik, hence opted for vineyards instead.

There are couple of vineyards in the vicinity: Sula Vineyard; Soma Vine Village and York Vineyard.  Each winery has different ways in which they make their wine, so I strongly recommend, should you have enough time, then maybe go for as many as you can. Since we were only there was one night we decided to do Sula Vineyard and Soma Village.


We opted to do this in the first week of June 2019 as we wanted to avoid the whole rain and enjoy a long road trip. Drive from Mumbai took us roughly 4 and a half hour (includes an hour break ).


Sula Vineyard

We decided to visit Sula as it is the famous one in the area. The area is pretty big and one can spend a whole day here. There is a cover charge which has to be paid at the entrance and can be redeemed either at their restaurants, wine purchase or wine tasting tours.

The walk up was very pretty- to the left there was their vineyards and to the right you could see their different restaurants and wine tours office.

In between all this there were their different wine bottles and barrels displayed giving people opportunity to take fun photos.

We couldn’t participate in the wine tour but were able to do wine tasting part of the tour in the VIP room conducted by Mr Inder and have to admit loved the whole experience.

We then decided to have lunch at Rasa (restaurant in Sula). The food was very good and the ambience was also very nice. I would recommend having lunch here.

After lunch we decided to take couple of wine bottles as souvenir.


We had our pet with us. Over the phone we were told she would be allowed in the wine tour however on arrival we were denied the same. The front desk team was not aware that pets are not allowed and also didn’t accept their mistake in communication gracefully. Hence, the reason for us getting our own private wine tasting in the VIP room

Most of the wines sold at the vineyards you don’t necessarily get back in your hometown. So I strongly recommend that if you like any to go ahead and buy it.

The Soma Vine Village

We decided to stay at Regenta Resort Soma Vine Village. Road after you enter the village is little bad but with google map it’s easy to follow. Check in to the hotel was smooth thanks to their friendly staff. They allowed us early check in which was awesome.

Since we were here with our family we chose two separate rooms, one being hill view and one being lake view. I personally would recommend the lake view, preferable the top floor as the lake view is very distant from the hotel.The rooms were very spacious and clean. We did have couple of hiccups in the room but upon calling their front desk the problem was immediately resolved. 

Welcome drink was one of their wine collection which made us want to taste their wines even more. Throughout the hotel there were interesting wine related posters and different wine bottle decors, which made the whole place blend in well with wine concept. 

We stayed here so we opted for the last tour and trust me it was packed.The tour started with the explanation of the vineyard.

They explained their way of wine harvesting and their method of fermentation. Explanation of the whole procedure was interesting. 

We had our dinnner at Hotel Surahi in Soma. We wanted to try the local cuisine but unfortunately they didn’t have much in their menu. We were overall very happy with our dinner. I would really recommend the Kala mutton sukka.

In the morning before breakfast we had also gone for a bike ride (available for hotel guest) around the vineyard. We also decided to visit the lake as it was walkable distance from our hotel.

Since we went early morning the walk to the lake was nice and warm even though the roads were not that great. Upon reaching the lake the view was amazing and totally worth the effort.

Here again we got wines to take home, which offers a few award winning wines to chose from.


Unfortunately we weren’t very impressed with the breakfast. The whole variety was good but the team didn’t handle the breakfast rush well. There were times food was not replenished or cutlery was missing or tables were not cleaned. It would really have been nice if there was a manager over seeing the whole thing. If you arrived late for breakfast then there are high chances you would missing out on many things which was a shame cause the spread was good.

It is also a pet friendly resort with no restrictions. So make sure you take your fury friends as they would surely enjoy the walk and the whole hotel.

If you are having a pet with you then they usually give bottom rooms so no point in paying extra for the lake view rooms.