Europe Excursion

It’s really very difficult to plan a place when you have to visit it from an entirely different continent. Europe is huge, for us to cover everything in one trip was next to impossible especially when you’re on limited holidays.

Honestly speaking we also didn’t want to rush in a beautiful place like Europe hence we decided to split our holidays. The main reason for doing this is so we can do justice to the place and also not tire ourselves out.

The only downside to this approach I feel is we are not able to find the hidden gems. When you visit a place for the first time it’s always the popular places which becomes priorities. Ah well! I shouldn’t be complaining because the popular places were also equally pretty.

Each country we visited was interesting, fun and adventurous. We had fun communicating where English was not totally accepted. We saw some interesting narrow lanes. The train journeys in between each country also made us switch on from one place and planning another. We had some mishaps on our way but in the end nothing went downhill. 

We may not have seen the whole of Europe but it’s definitely on our list. 

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