Canada Excursion

Home to the Rockie Mountains, home to many immigrants and for a year home to us as well. 

We visited Canada to complete our permanent residency formalities. While we were waiting for the procedures my husband started giving his dentistry exams and I started working in the corporate sector. 

Canada was always good to us, we found a lovely apartment in Toronto, I easily started my career here and husband was clearing off his exams. We found the friendliest of people here, always ready to help us with everything. Life was good!

We however started missing the family life. Staying in Toronto, the weather can really be tricky and it was something which was very hard for us. We then decided we can’t make this our permanent home so why not explore the place instead.

We were in love with every place we visited in Canada. Many people have made this place their home and loving it. Each place was different in some ways but each had its own uniqueness. 

I may not have seen the whole of Canada yet but it’s still on the list. 

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