Our journey to see the world initially started because we wanted a break from our work life. Slowly it moved on to celebrating our birthdays and anniversary. We ourselves don’t know when this turned into yearly thing. 

The hunger to see the world grew over the years. It’s only when my family told me to share our experience to help others that I decided to start a blog.

I would like to give a word of warning if you plan to stick to our schedules. We both love to walk and explore the place. Initially because we were restricted with the time we made the most of what we can see in the place. Now we are so used to doing it this way that we just don’t feel like changing it. 

You can call us crazy for seeing so much in a day. If you are not someone who likes to walk or use the public transport then I would recommend increasing your stay and following our schedule. 

I have tried to cover as much as possible. The cost part is especially not mentioned as everyone has different ways of staying, spending and traveling. Hence it was a conscious decision of not mentioning that. Plan your holiday by taking ideas from our experience and according to your budget.  

The world is waiting to see you, wear your comfy shoes and head on to your chosen destination.

Don’t forget to activate all your senses!